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Diet & Weight Loss Basics

In my decades of personal training, the thing I have most found frustrating is that new clients do not believe the basics of weight loss, fat loss, diet….etc.

So in case you are wondering what they are here is a short list:

  • Eat around every three hours. This speeds up your metabolism (the rate at which your body burns calories) and it also prevents your body from going into starvation mode in which it prepares to store calories (as fat) since it thinks it may not get any for a while.
  • Cut WAY down on carbs (carbs is short for carbohydrates and sugars are included in this category). Carbs do two things that tank your weight loss efforts.
    • They cause an insulin gush which stops all fat burning and starts all fat storage.
    • After the insulin gush, your blood sugar drops causing you to get hungry again….viscous cycle!!

This doesn't mean you can't have carbs, it just means you need to have them as a side dish, not the main course, like the government sponsored food pyramid shows!

  • There is two things that can absolutely turbo boost your weight loss efforts.
    • Drink a LOT of water. Seriously, at least a half gallon a day. Water speeds up your metabolism and makes youre metabolism much more efficient and as a bonus, rinses away a LOT of toxins that can also tank your weight loss efforts.
    • Eat a health amount of fiber. You can either eat veggies or fiber cereals (most or psyllium based). Fiber fills you up (so does water come to think of it).

I realize this is super simple and so most people simply reject it and say, “it can't be that easy”. But the truth is, it CAN and it IS!

I have literally trained THOUSANDS of clients over decades and have never failed to see these principles work when applied consistently. The only exception is hormonal. If your hormones are off (and I always suggest a check up before you start trying to lose weight) you could end up sabotaging yourself needlessly and to much sorrow.

Thyroid (low thyroid or hypO-thyroid – as opposed to hypER-thyroid which is high thyroid), low thyroid is the number one reason people can't lose weight when they are really doing the above consistently and the weight just won't come off.

So, get yourself a hormonal check up, and if all is well, start implementing the above tactics and watch it melt off over time. Do NOT expect to lose weight quickly. Losing it quickly is a sign you are actually doing something wrong. Slow and steady stays off, quick and dirty come back with even more pounds of fat!