About Kevin Mask

You are probably wondering who I am, saying to yourself, “Ok, who are you and why should I trust that you know what you're talking about…”

Well, this'll probably bore you to tears, but here is my relevant background, the professional information that I believe uniquely qualifies me as an authority on weight loss and fitness, as well as nutritional supplements and how they relate to both weight loss and fitness.

Since I was 14 years old, I had been a workout fanatic, and because of my scientific bend (they call it curiosity as a child), I was always devouring current research in the field of nutrition and fitness.

I studied Microbiology (cellular biology) at the Weber State University in Ogden, UT from 1985-1989. During that time I served as collegiate President of the (A.S.M.) American Society for Microbiology.

While in college I became the Asst. Strength Coach for the W.S.U. Wildcats Football program under coach Mike Price who went on to become the College Football National Coach of the Year.!

Also, During college I also competed in bodybuilding contests. I took 4th place in the Mr. Utah bodybuilding competition for light heavyweights. I mention this because bodybuilding is the cutting edge of diet research.

As a senior, I was one of four top students selected from the University to become part of a technical team of Solaray, Inc. ( at that time, one of the largest vitamin manufacturer/distributor companies in the United States, based in Ogden, UT.)

My position with Solaray, Inc. was as the Technical Team Microbiologist and my title was Quality Control Manager. I oversaw all the manufacturing processes and made sure they met G.M.P. (Good Manufacturing Practices) set forth by the pharmaceutical industry.

After I left my position at Solary, Inc. I moved to Southern California (where I was born). I got a position with a new Gold's Gym and started personal training. This was before there were any personal training certificates or credentials. The demand for my personal training was beginning to expand rapidly and this led to a disagreement with the gym owners (they said I was becoming “too” popular…hmmm???- in English… I was making too much money and not sharing a big enough slice).

That whole episode gave me a bad taste for personal training, so I went back to more scientific work.

I became employed at MacConnell Research for several years as a Molecular Biology Technician, working closely with the founder of the company, [Bill MacConnell, Ph.D.] on the Human Genome Project and a private project that I believe has revolutionized the way DNA is extracted from bacteria. I also doubled as the companies marketing director, changing clothes at lunch time and taking our new product over to the Scripps Research Park, The Salk Institute, and the University of California San Diego to speak with the doctors & research directors of various laboratories about buying our product.

Note: By the way, Bill MacConnell, P.h.D. founded Invitrogen, Inc. {a famous biotech company} in addition to founding MacConnell Research ! I added this only because Bill MacConnell is a great entrepreneur and taught me a lot about business and even more about biochemistry.

During all of this, I was still a workout fanatic.

After getting bored of the laboratory environment, and having an itch to be self-employed, my then boss, Bill MacConnell, Ph.D. gave me a great pep talk suggesting that I work for myself, as I had too much talent and ambition to work for someone else. So I decided I would get back into the fitness business.

This led to employment with the largest privately held physical therapy organization in the United States, Rancho Physical Therapy. They had decided to incorporate health clubs in all of their facilities and needed someone with management skills, in addition to vast experience with personal training and nutrition, to open and operate the first facility. It was a perfect fit.

I was with the Rancho Physical Therapy corporation for almost 10 years. During that time I trained 100's (maybe 1,000's) of clients for 1000's of sessions.

I also did a LOT of nutrition supplement literature research and consultation for Nutri-Sport Nutritional Stores and also became Certified Personal Trainer (C.P.T.) by A.C.E. [American Council on Exercise] to meet the growing demand by the public to have personal trainers validated by a third party.

So you can see that I have a lifetime of experience in this area, an educational background to compliment it and hundreds of satisfied clients.

…And that's why you can trust that I know what I'm talking about!