Mocha Creme Power Crunch Bar!

Ok, I don't know if you have ever tried any of the power crunch bars…, if you haven't, you are really, really, really missing out on what is basically a “good for you” cookie.
I LOVE these things!    O.K…. I am coming out…. I am a cookie addict! Ok, I said it!


I especially love wafer cookies, but since I try to stay below 10% bodyfat, I really can't feel good about eating most cookies. On top of that, I don't do well with high fructose corn syrup (in most cookies). So when I found these, I went berserk…haha h ah ha ha

It's a wafer cookie to be exact, but it has 13g of protein and low carbs with low glycemic stimulation sweeteners. (sucralose, dextrose and stevia extract).

Why are low glycemic stimulation sweeteners important? Because insulin spikes with normal sugars such as sucrose (table sugar) and many others like it.

Why do you care if your insulin spikes? Because when your insulin spikes ALL FAT BURNING STOPS and FAT STORAGE STARTS!

I can here you now… (whiney voice) “But I thought carbs were BAD for dieting or losing weight…” Well, yes true to a point and what is also true is that 90% of the people that start diets STOP diets because they cannot maintain their NAZI diet approach. Diet is a lifestyle! Not an event! So unless you are ready to retreat to a Buddhist Monk colony and renounce all desrires to reach Nirvana, you are most likely going to eat carbs. I'll go further, you are most likely to EAT CANDY, DONUTS, PASTRIES, SODA and a gazillion other foods that are BAD for dieting.

My point? Some days you just want a COOKIE! So if you're going to have a cookie AND you like wafer cookies (I LOVE THEM)…I used to eat a LOT of sugar wafer cookies back in the day… Then WHY NOT eat a cookie that has some redeeming value?? 13g of protein, good slow burning carbs, MOST IMPORTANTLY— TASTES RIDICULOUSLY GOOD!

So now that we are past all the sdrawkcab dieting semi-misinformation, lets just talk about how awesome these protein cookie bars really are. Ok, not much to say, other than if you like wafer cookies, you are absolutely going to go wild over these.

Flavors?  Berry, Mint Chocolate, Peanut Butter Fudge, Vanilla Creme, Cookies and Creme, Peanut Butter Creme, Triple Chocolate, Salt Carmel, and my absolute favorite Mocha… I honestly like ALL these flavors, but Mocha is on another level for me.

They sell a variety pack too:


So if you're Jones'n for a snack (and we ALL DO) and you want to make a better choice, do what I do and grab a Power Crunch Bar (Mocha if you're like me) and thank the company that makes them because they make dieting and losing weight a LOT more tolerable. Honestly, eating these is NOT dieting at all, while at the same time it IS! You KNOW what I mean.

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